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Common Raven Filming

I spent some time over the long Maine winter filming common ravens feasting on a white-tailed deer carcass. Ravens are incredibly smart so a I had to construct a blind from natural materials to blend into the surrounding. Even then, it takes great care to not make any sudden movements with the camera as they can spot the lens movement. As many as 5 Bald Eagles were eyeing the feast but were confined to the outskirts or just sat and watched. It took a couple of weeks, but eventually the birds stripped every ounce of flesh off the deer. All that was left was the hide and clean bones.

For these sequences I used a Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6k and Canon FD 300mm f/4 L lens. I also used an EF 1.4x II teleconverter to get in a little tighter. Conditions for the two sequences below were very dark and overcast. There was even a little drizzle in the air which can be seen. Overall a miserable day to be in the blind but at least there was good action! Normally I would have liked to have some lights running on my subjects but that is not possible with these smart birds so available light had to do.

I hope you enjoy the following sequences and I hope you have a strong stomach!!

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